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Whether you are a grower, processing facility, or dispensary, Pacific Safe Manufacturing has a proven security solution to keep your inventory and cash protected.

Pacific Safe Manufacturing has been working with the government, renowned institutions, and both the commercial and private sector all over the world for 10+ years. When we say that we can create a cannabis safe or medical marijuana security solution that works for you; we mean it.

Pacific Safe Manufacturing currently manufactures to governmental GSA standards, as well as exceeding standards set by the DEA for schedule 1 pharmaceuticals set forth in DEA CFR 1301.72

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Cannabis & Cash Protection Products

Omni-Vault TL-30 Safes

For those who require serious security, the TL-30 safe is what you need.

These safes have been thoroughly tested by Underwriting Laboratories using all the tools a burglar would use. Passing this test allows the safe to be labeled with the TL-30 label, and insurers will insure contents valued up to $250,000 based on this certification*.

The body and door of our TL-30 safes are constructed of hardened steel, high-pressure concrete, and other proprietary hard-to-drill products. The body is 3″ thick and the door is 5-1/4″ thick. The door is protected by ten 1-1/4″ thick bolts (5 active).

Heavy Duty Utility Chest Safes

Our proprietary commercial design is very resistant to pry attack. You can choose whichever lock works best for your application.

This version of the safe has a thicker body for additional security.

Inventory Control Safes

Inventory safes are used by companies that need to store large amounts of valuable items. This model is our smallest sized ‘Inventory’ safe, and the safe contains 5 reinforced steel shelves.

The back of the safe is fully welded for increased rigidity and strength. The door of the safe has a feature built in where if the hinges are cut off, the door remains secure. The boltworks have a self-locking mechanism so that when the door is closed, the bolts lock automatically. The lock has a relocker mechanism, which will cause an internal pin to lock the boltworks if the lock is disturbed.

This safe uses any type of industry-standard safe lock – mechanical dial, electronic, or key operated.

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