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Protect Your Cannabis Store From Theft
With Our TL-30 Narcotics Safes

If you manage a pharmacy or addiction treatment facility, it’s important that your medications and narcotics are properly secured. In the event of a robbery, you need a narcotics safe that you can fully rely on to be unbeatable. If you need a DEA-approved safe at an affordable price, Pacific Safe is here to help.

We have a DEA-compliant safe that can perfectly fit your needs and ensure that your medications are properly secured. Our safes can give you added peace of mind with their DEA compliance standards and ability to keep your substances completely secure.

Dedicated Safe Experts

With a quick call to one of our security experts, we can help you find the narcotics safe that you need at an affordable price. If you have any questions or concerns about how to install your safe, one of our experts can easily walk you through the process.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our DEA-approved safes and make a purchase with confidence. To learn more, contact us at (888) 383-2721.


DEA COMPLIANT: These Safes officially meet or exceed the DEA’s most stringent guidelines for both practitioners and non-practitioners. These safes meet SAMSHA requirements for Federal and State Grants to expand or open a new Narcotic Treatment Clinic.

Not all safes will meet the DEA, CARF, The Joint Commission and SAMSHA requirements. Trust your security to the experts.

*Note: Attributes and features subject to change based on availability and time to delivery

Security Requirements

1301.71 Security requirements generally.
1301.72 Physical security controls for non-practitioners; narcotic

treatment programs and compounders for narcotic treatment programs; storage areas.

U.S. Government Class V Security Container Equivalent


Additional state guidelines may apply.

Standard & Custom Sizes Available

TL30-161919, 16″h X 19″w X 19″d, 480 lbs

TL30-252122 , 25″h X 21″w X 21-1/2″d , 935 lbs

TL30-322526 , 30″h X 25″w X 25-1/2″d , 1,370 lbs

TL30-423130 , 42″h x 31″w x 29-1/2″d , 2,370 lbs

TL30-523130, 52″h X 31″w X 30″d, 2810 lbs

TL30-623130, 62″h x 31″w x 29-1/2″d, 3,295 lbs

*Sizes and specifications subject to change without notice.


For those who require serious security, the TL-30 safe is what you need.

These safes have been thoroughly tested by Underwriting Laboratories using all the tools a burglar would use. Passing this test allows the safe to be labeled with the TL-30 label, and insurers will insure contents valued up to $250,000 based on this certification*.

The body and door of our TL-30 safes are constructed of hardened steel, high-pressure concrete, and other proprietary hard-to-drill products. The body is 3″ thick and the door is 5-1/4″ thick. The door is protected by ten 1-1/4″ thick bolts (5 active).

You choose what configuration of locks you would like – choose two from:

Electronic lock
Mechanical dial lock
Key lock

The concrete construction makes the safe naturally resistant to fire, and the door also has a heat-expanding liner to further protect the interior.

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